1.   Introduce

Speed boat model was established on August 26, 2017. We develop with the purpose of creating Showcase Boat Model products made of quality wood, beautiful and delicate, suitable for gifts, product decoration.We are constantly striving to become one of the leading companies exporting handcrafts of wooden boat models in Vietnam.

2.    Types Of Wooden model ships

The wooden boat models are simulated and produced similarly on a smaller scale like real boat building and are made of natural wood, which is handcrafted Melaleuca wood, so it is very meticulous.All parts such as skeleton, sail, lifeboat, hatch cover, steering wheel, handrail… are arranged in detailed proportions. According to the design drawing of the real boat. The boat model is fully assembled and ready for display. Our workshop has many types of wooden boat models such as: wooden boats, sailing boats, modern yachts, bottles boat,…

  • Wooden Model Boats is a large sailing vessel with a traditional truss. Popular modern tall ship rigs include obstacle rigs, brigantines, brigs, and barques. Wooden boat models are miniature models with almost absolute exact size ratio, Model Sailboat is sought after by many people to collect because it is the most modern boat in terms of size. Style, speed, trendy style. Suitable for modern decoration trends, collectibles and even feng shui.
  • Sailing Boat Models is a display toy product with an extremely sophisticated, meticulous and delicate sculpting process with a variety of designs according to models. Sailingboats are modeled after real and famous ships in history. A sailboat is a type of boat that is powered by the wind thanks to a component called a sail that is mounted on a pillar called a mast. Boats were one of the first major means of water transportation in human history.
  • Modern Yacht Models are used for recreational or recreational purposes such as sea travel, recreation, water sports, fishing or year-round accommodation. Modern Yachts are classed by many things, including their mode of propulsion, size, style, amenities, and function.. Model Speedboats is a model modeled after real items and equipment because the original vessel is a miniature version at the scale of 1/6000. Although most of the models only simulate the detailed shape without simulating the operation. dynamic model (called a static model) or only partially functioning, there is still a boat model part that not only simulates the shape, but can also simulate the behavior of the object it simulates (called a dynamic model)…

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3.   Why Choose Speed Boat Model As The Address To Buy Wooden Boat Model ?

Speed Boat Models is an address specializing in wholesale and retail purchase of wooden boat models. Many models of beautiful, luxurious and cheap boat models. And you can already own yourself very meaningful gifts. All of our boat models are made of 100% Melaleuca wood, delicately and meticulously crafted. From wooden boats, sailboats, yachts, bottles boat… All products are well received by customers. We have a workshop specializing in the production of boat models according to customer requirements. Large quantities of goods can be supplied depending on demand. All products are strictly inspected from supplier selection to packaging. And shipped to the consumer. At 168/32 Nguyen Gia Tri, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City. Here we have showrooms displaying many different types of boats. The shop is open from 8:00-17:00 daily.

Let’s choose Speed Boat Models Train Models with gifts that are both durable and luxurious. Deep meaning – for loved ones. For partners – colleagues as a gratitude, sincere thanks.

  • Ensure credibility and quality
  • Delivery nationwide
  • Free packing, domestic shipping.

To buy goods through the website, you can access the following website address: Speed Boat Models

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