1. Delivery methods

We use 02 shipping methods:
  • Customers buy directly at our store
  • Shipping

2. Estimated time for delivery

Normally, after receiving order information, we will process the order within 24 hours and respond to customer information about payment and delivery.
Delivery time is usually within 6-8 days from the date of closing the order or as agreed with the customer when placing the order.
However, there are also cases where the delivery takes longer but only happens in the following force majeure situations:
  • Our staff cannot contact customers by phone, so we cannot deliver goods.
  • The shipping address you provided is incorrect or difficult to find.
  • A sudden increase in the number of orders causes the processing of orders to be slow.
  • The delivery partner delivers the goods later than expected, causing the delivery to be delayed or the shipping partner to deliver the goods
    Regarding the shipping fee, we use an external shipping service, so the shipping fee will be calculated according to the charges of the shipping units depending on the location and volume of the order, when contacting to confirm the order with The customer will notify the specific fee to the customer.

3. Geographical restrictions on delivery

Particularly for provincial customers who have a need to buy in bulk or wholesale customers, if they have a need to buy products, we will ask for the delivery service of shipping companies and the fee will be calculated according to the fees of the service providers. transportation service or according to the contractual agreement between the two parties.
Note: In case there is a delay in delivery, we will promptly notify the customer and the customer can choose between CANCELLING or CONTINUING to wait for the goods.