5 ways to display model boats in the office

5 Ways To Display Model Boats In The Office

5 ways to display model boats in the office

Displaying all kinds of boat models in the office is not only a way to create decorative accents, but also help your workspace become lively, suitable for feng shui, bring luck and motivation to work. more work. Here are a few ways to display model boats in the office that are creative and suitable for many spaces.
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5 ways to display boat models that are both reasonable and creative

  • Method 1: Put on the shelf

If you have small enough boat models, you can put them on shelves for display, such as bookshelves, document shelves, windowsills, etc. Arrange them by theme or color to create uniformity.

  • Method 2: Place it on your desk

Place the boat model on the desk to create relaxation and reduce stress. Place them in a left/right corner of the desk for easy viewing.

  • Method 3: Hanging on the wall

If your boat models are small enough and have hanging holes, you can hang them on the wall. Hang them in certain positions to create balance. In addition, you can also choose a picture boat model to save space when hanging on

  • Method 4: Create a display frame/cabinet

If you have a lot of model boats, you can create a display case to display them. The display frame can be made from wood or stainless steel for uniformity. In addition, you can order glass display cabinets with an area large enough to hold each model boat or contain many boat models inside.

  •  Method 5: Use light

Use light to bring focus to your model boat. Using table lamps or wall lights to illuminate the model, creating an extremely artistic and luxurious highlight, significantly increasing the value of the model as well as expressing the ultimate aesthetic style of the owner of the apartment. room.

5 Ways To Display Model Boats In The Office
5 Ways To Display Model Boats In The Office

Why Should You Display A Feng Shui Boat Model At Home?

Care tips when displaying boat models

Caring for your model boat is important to ensure that it will last and retain its precious value for many years. Here are some ways to preserve boat models that you should pay attention to when displaying boat models at the office:

  • Cleaning the boat model

Before starting to decorate the model, it is recommended that you clean the boat model using a soft brush or soft cloth to remove dust and debris from the model.

  • Use the right detergent

If your model is dirty or has hard-to-remove stains, use suitable cleaners to clean. With the wooden boat model, it is recommended to use specialized wax to clean the wooden body.

  • Protect the model from the sun

Sunlight can discolor or damage small details on the model. Please keep your model out of the sun by storing it in a dark and dry location.

  • Store the model in a dry place

To prevent moisture on the boat model, place it in a moisture-proof bag or sealed container. Absolutely do not place the model in a humid place or in an environment with many insects.

  • Periodic inspection
5 Ways To Display Model Boats In The Office
5 Ways To Display Model Boats In The Office

Check your model periodically to ensure that it remains properly stored. If you detect any stains or damage, repair it immediately to avoid damaging the model.
Above are some ideas and experiences for those who display boat models in the office. Let’s immediately apply these cool boat model displays to create an efficient, relaxing, comfortable workspace, bringing a lot of success to yourself!
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