5 Things To Know When Buying Wooden Boat Models To Avoid “Lost Money”


5 Things To Know When Buying Wooden Boat Models To Avoid “Lost Money”

Decorative wooden boat model is an interior decoration item with high feng shui, made from pure natural wood, so it is quite expensive but in return for high aesthetic value and good feng shui effect. So when buying a wooden boat model for decoration and display, what do you need to know to buy a reputable product, ensure value, and avoid “lost money, disability”? The following article will share with you 5 things to you when buying a wooden boat model that you definitely should know.

5 important notes you need to keep in mind when buying a fine art wooden boat model

Here are 5 important things that you should know when buying a handicraft wooden boat model to avoid “lost money, carrying disability”.

1. Material and size of wooden boat model

You need to consider the material when buying a fine art wooden boat model made from high-quality natural wood and whether the product size is suitable for your needs or not.

In terms of materials for making fine art wooden boat models, skilled artisans are currently using mainly natural Melaleuca wood to make models because this wood has high durability and adaptability, limiting termites and warping and retain the natural color of the wood. There are also some other types such as incense, but because this wood is rare, the price is expensive, suitable for people with good financial conditions.

Note, on the market there are also money types of wooden boat models made from pine, wooden cuffs, plywood, etc…These types of models are usually products of class 2 quality, less durable and the colors are not beautiful. Therefore, if you have decided to buy a model boat of fine art for decoration, choose a real quality model boat for long-term display with time. Do not buy low-quality models, only on display for a short time.

How to distinguish wood materials?

+ Ask the seller carefully to confirm the wood material.

+ Go to the store to check the quality with your own eyes, you should read information about the characteristics of wood types online to distinguish.

In terms of size, there are countless types of wooden boat model sixes. You need to determine where to display the model before you choose to buy the model to make sure that the models fits in the space you have. Do not buy a model that is too large for the space, it will create a cramped feeling. For example, if your display space is about 150cm long, you can buy a model that is 100cm long. For display the model on the desk or tea table, it is advisable to choose a compact model to limit the problem of falling due to being entangled.

2. The author of the fine art model

The people who can make sharp and authentic wooden boat models must be true artisans who have had a long time with the craft of crafting wooden boat models.

You should choose product from reputable artisans to ensure the quality of the product. Should choose artists who have a name, experience in the industry and have created quality products. For example, the artisans are working at Speed Boat Model brand. This group of artisans are the first to learn the craft of model making and have maintained it for more than 20 years. They are skilled and skillful, able to create a wooden boat model with standard proportions and similarity 95% real boats.

Notes, do not choose unbranded or unknown gondola models because it is possible that it is not a product made by a craftsman, but a model product series, sharpness and sharpness will not be high, it will not look “soul”.

3. Check carefully before buying/ receiving goods.

The wooden boat model is a product made by combining hundreds of small details. Therefore, you should carefully check the product before buying to make sure that thev product has no technical defects, scratches or damage, lack of details.

In particular, this model must be packed in 3 layers including: wooden brace, shockproof cover, carton to ensure stability when transporting. Otherwise, the vibration and impact during the transportation of the box may cause the model to drop/ break the details. To avoid that problem open the box to check the model before paying. If unfortunately the model is damaged in any detail, please immediately notify the seller to find a solution in time.

You should not receive the goods and pay immediately because if after payment, the delivery party will assume that you have checked the goods and then accept the payment. To be on the safe side, please record the video when unpacking to have concrete proof if the unfortunate model is damaged in transit, you will have the data to exchange for a healthy model with the seller.

4. The selling price of the wooden boat model

You should learn about the prices of products on the market to ensure a fair price for the product. Should not choose products that are too cheap or too expensive, should choose products with a price that is suitablefor its quality.

Usually, the price of a decorative wooden boat will depend on the material it is made of and its brand. Depending on the size, the models of wooden boat models are fine.

Made from good wood, ensuring prestige and quality, the price will range from 2 million to 9 million. And there are some models that can go up to 15-20 million or more. In  addition, if you better financial conditions, you can also buy glass cabinets or wooden display shelves to synchronize when decorating wooden boats, this detail will make the model more prominent and preserved better.

Be careful not to buy poor quality wooden boat models 

Note, the market has also appeared models of wooden boat models costing only a few hundred thousand. These are usually model boats made  from industrial plywood, and are usually not handicrafted (hand-crafted by professional artisans), buut are made by means of a large-scale production mechanism. Therefore, of cousre, this boat model is classified as class II and does not reach the aesthetic and luxurious value of the fine wooden boat model. Moreover, when displaying plywood boats, it will be very susceptible to termites and warping, especially with hot and humid waether in Vietnam.

Because of the above factors, you should consider an appropriate price to pay for the wooden boat model you like. “Price goes hand in hand with quality” as a rule is often true, so choose a model that matvhes quality with price. In order not to be overpriced, choose Vietnam’s leading reputable and large wooden boat model brands to place your trust, typically the Speed Boat Model brand with 20 years of establishment and development – process. Gathered nearly 100 artsans who were the first to learn the craft of making models.

See information about Wooden Boat Model at website: https://www.speedboatmodel.com/

5. Always give priority to choosing a place to sell wooden boat models with warranty policy

Many people will wonder, what is the warranty for buying a wooden boat model? Because there is only one place to display the model, it is not the machine that is worried about damage? In fact, it is true that wooden boat models and decorative items are usually places in fixed positions, so they have a durability of tens to several decades, usually only dust and a bit old, just need to be cleaned. Clean is to maintain the inherent beauty. However, it is unavoidable that some unfortunate cases are when the model on display accidentally falls to the ground, or is jumped by an animal (for example, a cat) and causes the model to be brokem/ destroyed. Then on case the model product is still under warranty, you can send the model to the place of sale so that the manufacturer can assist you to repair damaged parts (if possible). In case of severe damage that requires replacing some other parts, the manufacturer can still support a part of the cost for you if the product is still within the warranty period.

Therefore, you need to review the product’s warranty policy before purchasing the wooden boat model to ensure that if there is a problem with the product, you can exchage or warranty the product in the most convenient way. With brands of genuine wooden boat models from big companies, they alwsays apply a warranty policy of wooden boat model from 3-6 months to customers. For example, the wooden boat brand Speed boat model is applying a 6 month warranty to all genuime models.


Above are the profound experiences you need to know when you intend to buy a fine art wooden boat model for display at home or office. You know, displaying wooden boat models, especially feng shui sailboat models, is a trend in interior decoration these years. Because it creates a belief that will help bring properity, make evrything smooth sailing. On the other hand, wooden boats are also a symbol of wealth and superiority. Choose a beautiful art boat model to decorate and express your own styles as a smart shopper!

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